The Care Home Coach team have a very clear mission, to transform the lives of residents and care teams, by working with the owners of care homes to raise the standard of the care home market.

We do this to ensure that residents experience an exceptional quality of care, so that care teams are able to work in the best-possible environment for them to be successful and to drive positive outcomes for the business owner.

We do this by working with care home owners to build management systems into their business that improve care quality, increase profitability and optimise business performance.


We believe that the owners of independent care homes have one of the most important, and toughest, jobs on the planet.

We also believe that having dedicated their lives to looking after the elderly, they deserve support too.

That’s why we’re committed to offering the support that care home owners need to provide excellent facilities, deliver impeccable care, to remain profitable, (despite the financial pressures on the market), and to take control of their future.

Leadership Team

Simon Parker

Founder and CEO – The Care Home Coach

In early 2016 Simon began the search to buy his first care home. After investigating more than one hundred homes he realised that in almost every business, profits were shrinking. He also saw that this was having a negative impact on the quality of care being delivered, the well-being of the owner and his or her team. Shocked at how big this problem is for the elder care industry, Simon decided to start The Care Home Coach to help independent care home owners to take back control of their businesses.

Rob Hammond

Chief Care Home Coach – The Care Home Coach

With his track record of transforming one of Four Seasons’ most challenging regions into one of its most successful, Rob is a care home quality and profitability expert. He now runs Eastern Care Management Solutions, where he helps independent care homes to overcome commercial and compliance hurdles. Rob’s belief in doing the right thing and looking after people properly are driven by his first-hand experience of foster care as a child.

Oliver Thomas

Care Quality and Profitability Advisor – The Care Home Coach

Oliver is most well-known for his role as UK Director of Care Homes at BUPA, where he managed their portfolio of 350 care homes. He held responsibility for quality, operations, and profitability. Oliver now advises a number of independent and corporate elder care businesses.